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Vitamin E (tocopherol) DNA health report

Follow the link of the selected polymorphism to read a brief description of how the selected polymorphism affects Vitamin E (tocopherol) and see a list of existing studies.

SNP polymorphisms related to the topic Vitamin E (tocopherol):

rs1695When vitamin E is consumed, an increase in IL6 production is observed in carriers of this genotype, i.e. a pro-inflammatory effect is observed.
rs964184Involved in lipid and vitamin E metabolism. The genotype is a moderate risk factor for reduced vitamin E levels. A low-fat diet is suitable for people with this defect. On a low-fat diet (20% of energy comes from fat), carriers of the risk allele (allele G) had greater reductions in OX and LDL cholesterol levels. These studies showed better lipid profile improvement with long-term low-fat dietary intake in the risk allele G.
rs6564851Associated with higher levels of beta-carotene and tocopherol in the blood, independent of intake from food.
rs11057830Involved in lipid and vitamin E metabolism. Genotype is a moderate risk factor for reduced vitamin E levels.
rs12272004The polymorphism is associated with decreased circulating vitamin E levels.