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SNP information rs5326

Normal allele: CC

D1 dopamine receptor gene is associated with the length of the interval between first heroin use and onset of dependence in heroin addicts. Also influences the increased risk of salt-sensitive hypertension.

Polymorphism rs5326 is related to topics like this:

The membrane-bound protein called the dopamine transporter (DAT), also known as the...

There is a significant interest among individuals, particularly those with a familial background of...

Research and publications:

  18821566   SNPs in dopamine D2 receptor gene (DRD2) and norepinephrine transporter gene (NET) are associated with continuous performance task (CPT) phenotypes in ADHD children and their families.

  19500151   Heroin addiction in African Americans: a hypothesis-driven association study.

  20382433   No genetic association between dopamine D1 receptor gene and [early onset] schizophrenia.

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  23133444   Genetic variation in CYP17A1 is associated with arterial stiffness in diabetic subjects.

  23661099   The dopamine receptor D1 gene is associated with the length of interval between first heroin use and onset of dependence in Chinese Han heroin addicts.

  23856854   Positive effects of methylphenidate on hyperactivity are moderated by monoaminergic gene variants in children with autism spectrum disorders.

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  34476566   Methylation quantitative trait locus rs5326 is associated with susceptibility and effective dosage of methadone maintenance treatment for heroin use disorder.

  35140610   Genetic Factors Associated With Tardive Dyskinesia: From Pre-clinical Models to Clinical Studies.

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