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SNP information rs3077

Normal allele: AA

A common HLA-DPA1 variant increases the risk of chronic hepatitis B 1.8-fold.

Polymorphism rs3077 is related to topics like this:

Genetic factors can play an important role in treatment response and disease progression in chronic...

Research and publications:

  20436909   The textile plot: a new linkage disequilibrium display of multiple-single nucleotide polymorphism genotype data.

  21274863   Strong influence of human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DP gene variants on development of persistent chronic hepatitis B virus carriers in the Han Chinese population.

  21310144   Non-invasive screening of HLA-DPA1 and HLA-DPB1 alleles for persistent hepatitis B virus infection: susceptibility for vertical transmission and toward a personalized approach for vaccination and treatment.

  21346778   Risk alleles for chronic hepatitis B are associated with decreased mRNA expression of HLA-DPA1 and HLA-DPB1 in normal human liver.

  21402545   A common HLA-DPA1 variant is a major determinant of hepatitis B virus clearance in Han Chinese.

  21408128   Evaluation of genetic susceptibility loci for chronic hepatitis B in Chinese: two independent case-control studies.

  21750111   A genome-wide association study of chronic hepatitis B identified novel risk locus in a Japanese population.

  22105689   Genetic variants in human leukocyte antigen/DP-DQ influence both hepatitis B virus clearance and hepatocellular carcinoma development.

  22363396   HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma susceptibility gene KIF1B is not associated with development of chronic hepatitis B.

  22383892   Coexpression network analysis in abdominal and gluteal adipose tissue reveals regulatory genetic loci for metabolic syndrome and related phenotypes.

  22448225   A common HLA-DPA1 variant is associated with hepatitis B virus infection but fails to distinguish active from inactive Caucasian carriers.

  22543033   Relationship between HLA-DP gene polymorphisms and clearance of chronic hepatitis B virus infections: case-control study and meta-analysis.

  22737229   Genome-wide association study confirming association of HLA-DP with protection against chronic hepatitis B and viral clearance in Japanese and Korean.

  23428460   Genetic variants in HLA-DP/DQ contribute to risk of cervical cancer: a two-stage study in Chinese women.

  23449268   HLA-DP and IL28B polymorphisms: influence of host genome on hepatitis B surface antigen seroclearance in chronic hepatitis B.

  23601003   Association of the rs3077 and rs9277535 polymorphisms in HLA-DP with hepatitis B virus infection and spontaneous clearance: a meta-analysis.

  23844243   GStream: improving SNP and CNV coverage on genome-wide association studies.

  23980639   HLA-DP and γ-interferon receptor-2 gene variants and their association with viral hepatitis activity in chronic hepatitis B infection.

  24006435   HLA-DP polymorphisms affect the outcomes of chronic hepatitis B virus infections, possibly through interacting with viral mutations.

  24023482   HLA class II associated with outcomes of hepatitis B and C infections.

  24298935   Effect of HLA-DP and IL28B gene polymorphisms on response to interferon treatment in hepatitis B e-antigen seropositive chronic hepatitis B patients.

  24367763   Human leukocyte antigens and epstein-barr virus-associated nasopharyngeal carcinoma: old associations offer new clues into the role of immunity in infection-associated cancers.

  24665059   Mapping of hepatic expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) in a Han Chinese population.

  24846544   Association of variants in HLA-DP on chromosome 6 with chronic hepatitis B virus infection and related phenotypes.

  24897020   Genetic variants in human leukocyte antigen-DP influence both hepatitis C virus persistence and hepatitis C virus F protein generation in the Chinese Han population.

  24959916   Differences in meiotic recombination rates in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia at an MHC class II hotspot close to disease associated haplotypes.

  24976707   Human genes involved in hepatitis B virus infection.

  24987808   Variants identified by hepatocellular carcinoma and chronic hepatitis B virus infection susceptibility GWAS associated with survival in HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma.

  25041342   Association of HLA-DP/DQ, STAT4 and IL-28B variants with HBV viral clearance in Tibetans and Uygurs in China.

  25103089   HLA-DP genes polymorphisms associate with hepatitis B surface antigen kinetics and seroclearance during nucleot(s)ide analogue therapy.

  25365208   Association of HLA-DP/DQ and STAT4 polymorphisms with HBV infection outcomes and a mini meta-analysis.

  25449085   [Studies on the association of single nucleotide polymorphisms of HLA-DP and DQ genes with the outcome of chronic hepatitis B virus infection].

  25469587   Interaction of TLR-IFN and HLA polymorphisms on susceptibility of chronic HBV infection in Southwest Han Chinese.

  25802187   Genetic variants in five novel loci including CFB and CD40 predispose to chronic hepatitis B.

  26213920   Human Leukocyte Antigen Class II Alleles Are Associated with Hepatitis C Virus Natural Susceptibility in the Chinese Population.

  26376789   Association of interferon-gamma inducible protein 10 polymorphism with treatment response to pegylated interferon in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B.

  26387494   A randomized clinical trial of peginterferon alpha-2b with or without entecavir in patients with HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B: Role of host and viral factors associated with treatment response.

  26462556   Quantitative assessment of common genetic variations in HLA-DP with hepatitis B virus infection, clearance and hepatocellular carcinoma development.

  26563120   Asian-Pacific clinical practice guidelines on the management of hepatitis B: a 2015 update.

  26711785   HLA-DP is the cervical cancer susceptibility loci among women infected by high-risk human papillomavirus: potential implication for triage of human papillomavirus-positive women.

  26769676   Fine mapping the MHC region identified four independent variants modifying susceptibility to chronic hepatitis B in Han Chinese.

  27051043   Protective effects of HLA-DPA1/DPB1 variants against Hepatitis B virus infection in an Indonesian population.

  27083422   Association of HLA-DP variants with the responsiveness to Hepatitis B virus vaccination in Korean Infants.

  27123247   Association between the HLA-DQB1 polymorphisms and the susceptibility of chronic hepatitis B: A comprehensive meta-analysis.

  27243039   Clinical Relevance of HLA Gene Variants in HBV Infection.

  27244555   Genome-wide association study identifies 8p21.3 associated with persistent hepatitis B virus infection among Chinese.

  27394003   Association of HLA-DP/DQ and STAT4 polymorphisms with ankylosing spondylitis in Southwest China.

  27621573   Current hepatitis B virus infection situation in Indonesia and its genetic diversity.

  27795724   Host Genetic Variants in HLA Loci Influence Risk for Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Children.

  28094303   Genetic Polymorphisms of rs3077 and rs9277535 in HLA-DP associated with Systemic lupus erythematosus in a Chinese population.

  28119119   Association between chronic hepatitis B virus infection and HLA-DP gene polymorphisms in the Turkish population.

  28267888   Role of HLA-DP and HLA-DQ on the clearance of hepatitis B virus and the risk of chronic infection in a multiethnic population.

  28429786   Comprehensive assessment showed no associations of variants at the SLC10A1 locus with susceptibility to persistent HBV infection among Southern Chinese.

  28449694   The MHC locus and genetic susceptibility to autoimmune and infectious diseases.

  28640108   Correlation of HLA-DP/DQ polymorphisms with transplant etiologies and prognosis in liver transplant recipients.

  28834572   Multiple genetic variants associated with posttransplantation diabetes mellitus in Chinese Han populations.

  28882445   Strong influence of human leukocyte antigen-DP variants on response to hepatitis B vaccine in a Japanese population.

  29061159   Genetic polymorphisms of HLA-DP and isolated anti-HBc are important subsets of occult hepatitis B infection in Indonesian blood donors: a case-control study.

  29300980   Distinct Relapse Rates and Risk Predictors After Discontinuing Tenofovir and Entecavir Therapy.

  29467950   Genetic polymorphisms in HLA-DP and STAT4 are associated with IgA nephropathy in a Southwest Chinese population.

  30009173   Association between HLA-DP Gene Polymorphisms and Cervical Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis.

  30104900   Human leukocyte antigen gene polymorphisms are associated with systemic inflammation in hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma.

  30471179   Association of HLA-DPA1 and HLA-DPB1 polymorphisms with spontaneous HBsAg seroclearance in Caucasians.

  31475028   Host Genetic Determinants of Hepatitis B Virus Infection.

  31846615   The genetic variability of hepatitis B virus subgenotype F1b precore/core gene is related to the outcome of the acute infection.

  32008865   Genetic variants in HLA-DP/DQ contribute to risk of acute myeloid leukemia: A case-control study in Chinese.

  32183599   Genetic polymorphisms of the HLA-DP and HLA-DQ genes could influence Hepatitis B virus infection in Yunnan population.

  32213001   UEG Week 2019 Poster Presentations.

  33236620   Relation between HLA-DP/DQ Polymorphisms, Serum IP-10 and Response to Direct Acting Antiviral Therapy among HCV Infected Patients.

  33334325   A non-synonymous variant rs12614 of complement factor B associated with risk of chronic hepatitis B in a Korean population.

  33736632   Genome-wide association study identifies new loci associated with risk of HBV infection and disease progression.

  33976942   The Weight of HLA-DPA1 rs3077 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in Prostate Cancer, a Multicenter Study.

  35752129   Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in immune-related genes with spontaneous HBsAg seroconversion: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

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