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SNP information rs5443

Normal allele: CC

Polymorphism rs5443 is related to topics like this:

Although genetics can be a major factor in the development of certain heart diseases, individuals...

Ischemic stroke has a multifactorial etiology, with genetic causes playing a significant role,...

There is a significant interest among individuals, particularly those with a familial background of...

Depression, also referred to as major depression or major depressive disorder, is a psychiatric...

Research and publications:

  12576843   Sildenafil response is influenced by the G protein beta 3 subunit GNB3 C825T polymorphism: a pilot study.

  17521439   Association between 5-HT2A, TPH1 and GNB3 genotypes and response to typical neuroleptics: a serotonergic approach.

  18248681   Prevalence of common disease-associated variants in Asian Indians

  18304332   No evidence for association between BMI and 10 candidate genes at ages 4, 7 and 10 in a large UK sample of twins

  18308786   The --1019 C/G polymorphism of the 5-HT(1)A receptor gene is associated with negative symptom response to risperidone treatment in schizophrenia patients.

  18513389   New application of intelligent agents in sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis identifies unexpected specific genetic background

  18656447   Salt consumption-dependent association of the GNB3 gene polymorphism with type 2 DM.

  19131662   A meta-analysis of candidate gene polymorphisms and ischemic stroke in 6 study populations: association of lymphotoxin-alpha in nonhypertensive patients

  19263529   Genetic risk factors in recurrent venous thromboembolism: A multilocus, population-based, prospective approach

  19303909   Intensity of opiate withdrawal in relation to the 825C>T polymorphism of the G-protein beta 3 subunit gene.

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  19772422   Common variants in the G protein beta3 subunit gene and thyroid disorders in a formerly iodine-deficient population.

  19811352   Lack of an association of GNB3 C825T polymorphism and blood pressure in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

  19876010   A preliminary candidate genotype-intermediate phenotype study of satiation and gastric motor function in obesity

  19885780   GNB3 C825T polymorphism and elevated blood pressure.

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  20652353   Genetic polymorphisms related to efficacy and overuse of triptans in chronic migraine.

  20691427   Genetic associations of brain structural networks in schizophrenia: a preliminary study

  20931356   PER2 variation is associated with diurnal preference in a Korean young population.

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  25869180   Habitual dietary intake of β-carotene, vitamin C, folate, or vitamin E may interact with single nucleotide polymorphisms on brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity in healthy adults.

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  26335431   Altered erythrocyte membrane protein composition mirrors pleiotropic effects of hypertension susceptibility genes and disease pathogenesis.

  27028457   Correction of the Pathogenic Alternative Splicing, Caused by the Common GNB3 c.825C>T Allele, Using a Novel, Antisense Morpholino.

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  27386434   Zinc Finger 259 Gene Polymorphism rs964184 is Associated with Serum Triglyceride Levels and Metabolic Syndrome.

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  29853161   The genetic variant C825T of the beta 3 subunit of G protein is associated with hypertension in a Portuguese population.

  29937877   Analysis of SNPs of MC4R, GNB3 and FTO gene polymorphism in obese Saudi subjects.

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  30093869   Biological Predictors of Clozapine Response: A Systematic Review.

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  31137020   Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Chemosensory Pathway Genes GNB3, TAS2R19, and TAS2R38 Are Associated with Chronic Rhinosinusitis.

  31305457   The relationship among GNB3 rs5443, PNPLA3 rs738409, GCKR rs780094 gene polymorphisms, type of maternal gestational weight gain and neonatal outcomes (STROBE-compliant article).

  31615448   Candidate single nucleotide polymorphisms of irritable bowel syndrome: a systemic review and meta-analysis.

  31768945   Analysis of HCRTR2, GNB3, and ADH4 Gene Polymorphisms in a Southeastern European Caucasian Cluster Headache Population.

  32391916   Lack of association between the GNB3 rs5443, HIF1A rs11549465 polymorphisms, physiological and functional characteristics.

  32680596   Genetic variations in G-protein signal pathways influence progression of coronary artery calcification: Results from the Heinz Nixdorf Recall study.

  32866209   Detection of epistasis between ACTN3 and SNAP-25 with an insight towards gymnastic aptitude identification.

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  35489051   Endothelium function biomarkers and carotid intima-media thickness changes in relation to NOS3 (rs2070744) and GNB3 (rs5443) genes polymorphism in the essential arterial hypertension.

ADHD, a behavioral disorder that usually commences during childhood, is marked by a brief attention...

Numerous gastrointestinal disorders exhibit an inherited nature or entail a genetic predisposition...

Health conditions that alter a person's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are referred to as mental...