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SNP information rs686

Normal allele: AA

Affects dopamine D1 receptors associated with autism spectrum disorders.

Polymorphism rs686 is related to topics like this:

DNA test for autism

We recommend that anyone who has been diagnosed with autism undergo genetic testing. Unfortunately,...

The membrane-bound protein called the dopamine transporter (DAT), also known as the...

Research and publications:

  18092181   Significant association of DRD1 with nicotine dependence.

  18205172   A DRD1 haplotype is associated with risk for autism spectrum disorders in male-only affected sib-pair families.

  18341651   A haplotype of the DRD1 gene is associated with alcohol dependence.

  18937842   The influence of serotonin- and other genes on impulsive behavioral aggression and cognitive impulsivity in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Findings from a family-based association test (FBAT) analysis.

  19135651   Differential allelic expression of dopamine D1 receptor gene (DRD1) is modulated by microRNA miR-504.

  19500151   Heroin addiction in African Americans: a hypothesis-driven association study.

  20456319   Association of polymorphisms in the BDNF, DRD1 and DRD3 genes with tobacco smoking in schizophrenia.

  20592018   D1 and D2 dopamine receptor-mediated inhibition of activated normal T cell proliferation is lost in jurkat T leukemic cells.

  21332319   Gene-gene interaction analyses between NMDA receptor subunit and dopamine receptor gene variants and clozapine response.

  21527290   Psychopathological aspects of dopaminergic gene polymorphisms in adolescence and young adulthood.

  21955727   An association study between dopamine D1 receptor gene polymorphisms and the risk of schizophrenia.

  22559203   DRD2 and PPP1R1B (DARPP-32) polymorphisms independently confer increased risk for autism spectrum disorders and additively predict affected status in male-only affected sib-pair families.

  22574669   Dopamine receptors D1 and D2 are related to observed maternal behavior.

  23044706   Dopamine receptor D1 and postsynaptic density gene variants associate with opiate abuse and striatal expression levels.

  23097719   Current perspectives on the neurobiology of drug addiction: a focus on genetics and factors regulating gene expression.

  23856854   Positive effects of methylphenidate on hyperactivity are moderated by monoaminergic gene variants in children with autism spectrum disorders.

  24410775   Moderator effects of working memory on the stability of ADHD symptoms by dopamine receptor gene polymorphisms during development.

  24618367   Aggression, DRD1 polymorphism, and lesion location in penetrating traumatic brain injury.

  25179995   Association of dopamine receptor D1 (DRD1) polymorphisms with risperidone treatment response in Chinese schizophrenia patients.

  25324626   Research in China on the molecular genetics of schizophrenia.

  26044620   Gene network analysis shows immune-signaling and ERK1/2 as novel genetic markers for multiple addiction phenotypes: alcohol, smoking and opioid addiction.

  26429319   Influence of dopamine receptor gene polymorphisms on circulating T lymphocytes: A pilot study in healthy subjects.

  27166759   Converging findings from linkage and association analyses on susceptibility genes for smoking and other addictions.

  27620964   Thinking and doing: the effects of dopamine and oxytocin genes and executive function on mothering behaviours.

  28940477   cAMP levels in lymphocytes and CD4(+) regulatory T-cell functions are affected by dopamine receptor gene polymorphisms.

  29614853   A Functional Polymorphism in the DRD1 Gene, That Modulates Its Regulation by miR-504, Is Associated with Depressive Symptoms.

  29909784   Modulation of orbitofrontal-striatal reward activity by dopaminergic functional polymorphisms contributes to a predisposition to alcohol misuse in early adolescence.

  30093869   Biological Predictors of Clozapine Response: A Systematic Review.

  30586202   Polymorphisms in dopaminergic genes predict proactive processes of response inhibition.

  31192519   Heroin delay discounting and impulsivity: Modulation by DRD1 genetic variation.

  32367059   Genetic basis of sleep bruxism and sleep apnea-response to a medical puzzle.

  33287325   Smoking Genes: A Case-Control Study of Dopamine Transporter Gene (SLC6A3) and Dopamine Receptor Genes (DRD1, DRD2 and DRD3) Polymorphisms and Smoking Behaviour in a Malay Male Cohort.

  35140610   Genetic Factors Associated With Tardive Dyskinesia: From Pre-clinical Models to Clinical Studies.

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