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SNP information rs3812316

Normal allele: GG

Lower triglyceride levels, reduced cardiovascular disease risk depend on level of adherence to the Mediterranean diet in the PREDIMED study.

Polymorphism rs3812316 is related to topics like this:

The healthy eating habits of individuals residing in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea,...

Research and publications:

  18193046   Genome-wide scan identifies variation in MLXIPL associated with plasma triglycerides.

  18852197   Metabolic and cardiovascular traits: an abundance of recently identified common genetic variants

  18946681   MLXIPL variant in individuals with low and high triglyceridemia in white population in Central Europe.

  19487539   Large scale replication analysis of loci associated with lipid concentrations in a Japanese population.

  19571538   G771C Polymorphism in the MLXIPL Gene Is Associated with a Risk of Coronary Artery Disease in the Chinese: A Case-Control Study.

  19680233   Replication of association between a common variant near melanocortin-4 receptor gene and obesity-related traits in Asian Sikhs.

  20158509   Triglyceride level modifying functional variants of GALTN2 and MLXIPL in patients with ischaemic stroke.

  20159871   Association between a literature-based genetic risk score and cardiovascular events in women

  20831840   Three periods of one and a half decade of ischemic stroke susceptibility gene research: lessons we have learned.

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  21726544   ChREBP gene polymorphisms are associated with coronary artery disease in Han population of Hubei province.

  24448738   Amino acid change in the carbohydrate response element binding protein is associated with lower triglycerides and myocardial infarction incidence depending on level of adherence to the Mediterranean diet in the PREDIMED trial.

  25176936   Common genetic variants contribute to primary hypertriglyceridemia without differences between familial combined hyperlipidemia and isolated hypertriglyceridemia.

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