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SNP information rs1801260

Normal allele: AA

Polymorphism rs1801260 is related to topics like this:

ADHD, a behavioral disorder that usually commences during childhood, is marked by a brief attention...

Dieters can determine which diet would result in more weight loss by undergoing a genetic test,...

The healthy eating habits of individuals residing in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea,...

Research and publications:

  17221848   Actimetric evidence that CLOCK 3111 T/C SNP influences sleep and activity patterns in patients affected by bipolar depression.

  17428266   Clock genes beyond the clock: CLOCK genotype biases neural correlates of moral valence decision in depressed patients.

  18071340   Association between polymorphisms in the Clock gene, obesity and the metabolic syndrome in man.

  18228528   Clock genes may influence bipolar disorder susceptibility and dysfunctional circadian rhythm.

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  19888304   Genetic variants in human CLOCK associate with total energy intake and cytokine sleep factors in overweight subjects (GOLDN population).

  20065968   CLOCK gene is implicated in weight reduction in obese patients participating in a dietary programme based on the Mediterranean diet.

  20072116   Differential association of circadian genes with mood disorders: CRY1 and NPAS2 are associated with unipolar major depression and CLOCK and VIP with bipolar disorder.

  20124474   CLOCK in breast tumorigenesis: genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptional profiling analyses.

  20180986   CLOCK is suggested to associate with comorbid alcohol use and depressive disorders.

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  20368993   ARNTL (BMAL1) and NPAS2 gene variants contribute to fertility and seasonality.

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  22310473   SIRT1 and CLOCK 3111T> C combined genotype is associated with evening preference and weight loss resistance in a behavioral therapy treatment for obesity.

  23131019   Physical activity and sex modulate obesity risk linked to 3111T/C gene variant of the CLOCK gene in an elderly population: the SUN Project.

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  24328727   Beneficial effect of CLOCK gene polymorphism rs1801260 in combination with low-fat diet on insulin metabolism in the patients with metabolic syndrome.

  24510388   Circadian rhythm of homocysteine is hCLOCK genotype dependent.

  24764655   Genetic variations in colorectal cancer risk and clinical outcome.

  24824748   Association between restless legs syndrome and CLOCK and NPAS2 gene polymorphisms in schizophrenia.

  24892753   PER2 rs2304672, CLOCK rs1801260, and PER3 rs57875989 polymorphisms are not associated with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.

  25089907   REV-ERB ALPHA polymorphism is associated with obesity in the Spanish obese male population.

  25201053   Screening of clock gene polymorphisms demonstrates association of a PER3 polymorphism with morningness-eveningness preference and circadian rhythm sleep disorder.

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  26181468   Variants of the CLOCK gene affect the risk of idiopathic male infertility in the Han-Chinese population.

  26204460   Effects of CLOCK gene variants and early stress on hopelessness and suicide in bipolar depression.

  26346429   Chronic consumption of a low-fat diet improves cardiometabolic risk factors according to the CLOCK gene in patients with coronary heart disease.

  26374515   Variant of the clock circadian regulator (CLOCK) gene and related haplotypes are associated with the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the Japanese population.

  26553137   Association between genetic variants of the clock gene and obesity and sleep duration.

  26706567   Daily Eating Patterns and Their Impact on Health and Disease.

  26739996   CLOCK gene variation is associated with incidence of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in type-2 diabetic subjects: dietary modulation in the PREDIMED randomized trial.

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  28466652   A genetic CLOCK variant associated with cluster headache causing increased mRNA levels.

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  32737280   Effects of Occupational Stress and Circadian CLOCK Gene Polymorphism on Sleep Quality of Oil Workers in Xinjiang, China.

  32785234   Sex modifies the association between the CLOCK variant rs1801260 and BMI in school-age children.

  34068889   CLOCK Gene Variation Is Associated with the Incidence of Metabolic Syndrome Modulated by Monounsaturated Fatty Acids.

  34112033   For whom the circadian clock ticks? Investigation of PERIOD and CLOCK gene variants in bipolar disorder.

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  36079729   Influence of CLOCK Gene Variants on Weight Response after Bariatric Surgery.

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