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SNP information rs17655


Normal allele: CC

Polymorphism rs17655 is related to topics like this:

Pancreas cancer genetic

Up to 15% of pancreatic cancers are attributed to gene mutations that are passed down through...

Research and publications:

  16026601   Decision forest analysis of 61 single nucleotide polymorphisms in a case-control study of esophageal cancer; a novel method.

  16094634   Polymorphism of Xeroderma Pigmentosum group G and the risk of lung cancer and squamous cell carcinomas of the oropharynx, larynx and esophagus.

  16465622   Bladder cancer predisposition: a multigenic approach to DNA-repair and cell-cycle-control genes.

  16857995   Risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in relation to germline variation in DNA repair and related genes.

  17299578   Genetic polymorphisms in the nucleotide excision repair pathway and lung cancer risk: a meta-analysis.

  18191955   Correlating observed odds ratios from lung cancer case-control studies to SNP functional scores predicted by bioinformatic tools

  18701435   Polygenic model of DNA repair genetic polymorphisms in human breast cancer risk.

  18709642   Nucleotide excision repair genes and risk of lung cancer among San Francisco Bay Area Latinos and African Americans.

  18711149   Case-control analysis of nucleotide excision repair pathway and the risk of renal cell carcinoma.

  18767034   Nucleotide excision repair polymorphisms may modify ionizing radiation-related breast cancer risk in US radiologic technologists.

  18830263   Polymorphisms in DNA repair and one-carbon metabolism genes and overall survival in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and follicular lymphoma

  18838045   Inter-individual variation in nucleotide excision repair in young adults: effects of age, adiposity, micronutrient supplementation and genotype.

  18854777   Germline genetic variations in drug action pathways predict clinical outcomes in advanced lung cancer treated with platinum-based chemotherapy.

  18990748   International Lung Cancer Consortium: pooled analysis of sequence variants in DNA repair and cell cycle pathways.

  19029193   Red meat and poultry intake, polymorphisms in the nucleotide excision repair and mismatch repair pathways and colorectal cancer risk.

  19109789   Single nucleotide polymorphisms in DNA repair genes and prostate cancer risk.

  19124499   Association and interactions between DNA repair gene polymorphisms and adult glioma.

  19270000   Genetic susceptibility to esophageal cancer: the role of the nucleotide excision repair pathway.

  19318434   Associations between polymorphisms in DNA repair genes and glioblastoma.

  19442035   Pharmacogenomics of platinum-based chemotherapy in NSCLC.

  19661089   Genetic variation in immune regulation and DNA repair pathways and stomach cancer in China

  20141440   Acute myeloid leukemia outcome: role of nucleotide excision repair polymorphisms in intermediate risk patients.

  20150366   DNA repair gene polymorphisms and risk of adult meningioma, glioma, and acoustic neuroma.

  21426550   The effect of tobacco, XPC, ERCC2 and ERCC5 genetic variants in bladder cancer development.

  21435719   Impact on response and survival of DNA repair single nucleotide polymorphisms in relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma patients treated with thalidomide.

  21561390   Association of APE1 and hOGG1 polymorphisms with colorectal cancer risk in a Turkish population.

  21700777   Genetic polymorphisms of multiple DNA repair pathways impact age at diagnosis and TP53 mutations in breast cancer.

  21750170   Polymorphisms in nucleotide excision repair genes and endometrial cancer risk.

  21826087   Nucleotide excision repair gene variants and association with survival in osteosarcoma patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

  22493747   Germ line variation in nucleotide excision repair genes and lung cancer risk in smokers.

  22742565   Germline prognostic markers for urinary bladder cancer: obstacles and opportunities.

  22848513   Polymorphisms in the ERCC5 gene and risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) in Eastern Chinese populations.

  22969958   Genetic polymorphisms in key DNA repair genes and risk of head and neck cancer in a Chinese population.

  23335232   Variants in nucleotide excision repair core genes and susceptibility to recurrence of squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx.

  23720673   Molecular epidemiology of DNA repair gene polymorphisms and head and neck cancer.

  23946381   Genetic variants associated with colorectal cancer risk: comprehensive research synopsis, meta-analysis, and epidemiological evidence.

  23982724   The role of CCNH Val270Ala (rs2230641) and other nucleotide excision repair polymorphisms in individual susceptibility to well-differentiated thyroid cancer.

  24098683   Non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk and variants in genes controlling lymphocyte development.

  24491308   Systematic review and meta-analysis of candidate gene association studies of lower urinary tract symptoms in men.

  24563277   Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms of nucleotide excision repair genes with laryngeal cancer risk and interaction with cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking.

  24582975   Laryngeal cancer risk and common single nucleotide polymorphisms in nucleotide excision repair pathway genes ERCC1, ERCC2, ERCC3, ERCC4, ERCC5 and XPA.

  24615519   Genetic polymorphisms in XPG could predict clinical outcome of platinum-based chemotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

  24728327   Germline variation in cancer-susceptibility genes in a healthy, ancestrally diverse cohort: implications for individual genome sequencing.

  24904630   Functional evaluation of DNA repair in human biopsies and their relation to other cellular biomarkers.

  24990617   Potentially functional variants in the core nucleotide excision repair genes predict survival in Japanese gastric cancer patients.

  25311495   Polymorphisms in XPC, XPD and XPG DNA repair genes and leukemia risk in a Tunisian population.

  25644244   Association analysis of ERCC5 gene polymorphisms with risk of breast cancer in Han women of northwest China.

  25741868   Standards and guidelines for the interpretation of sequence variants: a joint consensus recommendation of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics and the Association for Molecular Pathology.

  26130668   Nucleotide Excision Repair Gene ERCC2 and ERCC5 Variants Increase Risk of Uterine Cervical Cancer.

  26263974   Molecular Classification and Pharmacogenetics of Primary Plasma Cell Leukemia: An Initial Approach toward Precision Medicine.

  26264164   A Comprehensive Analysis of Influence ERCC Polymorphisms Confer on the Development of Brain Tumors.

  26436406   Genetic variability of genes involved in DNA repair influence treatment outcome in osteosarcoma.

  26751466   Association between UGT1A1 Polymorphism and Risk of Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

  26820236   Association between XPG polymorphisms and stomach cancer susceptibility in a Chinese population.

  26843108   A Comprehensive Meta-analysis of Genetic Associations Between Key Polymorphic Loci in DNA Repair Genes and Glioma Risk.

  26887052   XPG rs2296147 T>C polymorphism predicted clinical outcome in colorectal cancer.

  27019310   Association of potentially functional variants in the XPG gene with neuroblastoma risk in a Chinese population.

  27235448   Haplotype and diplotype analyses of variation in ERCC5 transcription cis-regulation in normal bronchial epithelial cells.

  27285066   DNA excision repair and double-strand break repair gene polymorphisms and the level of chromosome aberration in children with long-term exposure to radon.

  27323183   Association between ERCC5 gene polymorphisms and gastric cancer risk.

  27465648   The genetic variations in DNA repair genes ERCC2 and XRCC1 were associated with the overall survival of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients.

  27698911   XPG Gene Polymorphisms Contribute to Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility: A Two-Stage Case-Control Study.

  28415781   Relevance of DNA repair gene polymorphisms to gastric cancer risk and phenotype.

  28514298   Association between common polymorphisms in ERCC gene and glioma risk: A meta-analysis of 15 studies.

  28520216   Evaluation of Prediction of Polymorphisms of DNA Repair Genes on the Efficacy of Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Network Meta-Analysis.

  28920307   The association between polymorphisms in the DNA nucleotide excision repair genes and RRM1 gene and lung cancer risk.

  29416691   Chinese C allele carriers of the ERCC5 rs1047768 polymorphism are more sensitive to platinum-based chemotherapy: a meta-analysis.

  29506519   RNAseq analysis of bronchial epithelial cells to identify COPD-associated genes and SNPs.

  29581776   Association of Smoking and XPG, CYP1A1, OGG1, ERCC5, ERCC1, MMP2, and MMP9 Gene Polymorphisms with the early detection and occurrence of Laryngeal Squamous Carcinoma.

  29779017   XPG rs17655 G>C polymorphism associated with cancer risk: evidence from 60 studies.

  29893334   Modulation of risk of squamous cell carcinoma head and neck in North Indian population with polymorphisms in xeroderma pigmentosum complementation Group C gene.

  30123346   Polymorphisms in ERCC2 and ERCC5 and Risk of Prostate Cancer: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review.

  30337837   Single nucleotide polymorphisms and sporadic colorectal cancer susceptibility: a field synopsis and meta-analysis.

  30527102   The relationship between DNA repair genes (XPA, XPF, XPG) polymorphism and the risk of preeclampsia in Chinese Han Women.

  30539843   Meta-analysis of the relationship between excision repair cross-complementing Group 5 rs17655 gene polymorphism and head and neck cancer susceptibility.

  30588297   Overall survival of classical Hodgkins lymphoma in Saudi patients is affected by XPG repair gene polymorphism.

  30609649   Polymorphisms in ERCC5 rs17655 and ERCC1 rs735482 Genes Associated with the Survival of Male Patients with Postoperative Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treated with Adjuvant Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy.

  30672443   Are XPD and XPG gene variants related to the mechanism of oral squamous cell carcinoma?

  30744808   Association of BER and NER pathway polymorphism haplotypes and micronucleus frequencies with global DNA methylation in benzene-exposed workers of China: Effects of DNA repair genes polymorphisms on genetic damage.

  30899401   XPG Asp1104His polymorphism increases colorectal cancer risk especially in Asians.

  31568607   Association between nucleotide excision repair gene polymorphism and colorectal cancer risk.

  31584889   Polymorphisms in DNA repair genes in lung cancer patients living in a coal-mining region.

  31818908   Systematic meta-analyses, field synopsis and global assessment of the evidence of genetic association studies in colorectal cancer.

  31875816   [XP gene polymorphisms and haplotypes with genetic susceptibility to lung cancer].

  32546699   ERCC2 gene single-nucleotide polymorphism as a prognostic factor for locally advanced head and neck carcinomas after definitive cisplatin-based radiochemotherapy.

  32683874   Association of XPG rs17655G>C and XPF rs1799801T>C Polymorphisms with Susceptibility to Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma: Evidence from a Case-Control Study, Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

  33551103   Modulation of DNA damage by XPF, XPG and ERCC1 gene polymorphisms in pesticide-exposed agricultural workers of Punjab, North-West India.

  33552962   Risk Factors and Genetic Biomarkers of Multiple Primary Cancers in Esophageal Cancer Patients.

  34182385   Bisphenol A exposure, interaction with genetic variants and colorectal cancer via mediating oxidative stress biomarkers.

  34540891   Umbrella Review on Associations Between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Lung Cancer Risk.

  35182686   Biomarker signatures for primary radiochemotherapy of locally advanced HNSCC - Hypothesis generation on a multicentre cohort of the DKTK-ROG.

  35691022   The interplay between XPG-Asp1104His polymorphism and reproductive risk factors elevates risk of breast cancer in Tanzanian women: A multiple interaction analysis.

  35780063   Association of nonsynonymous SNPs of nucleotide excision repair genes ERCC4 rs1800067 (G/A) and ERCC5 rs17655 (G/C) as predisposing risk factors for gallbladder cancer.

  36033436   Polymorphisms in ERCC4 and ERCC5 and risk of cancers: Systematic research synopsis, meta-analysis, and epidemiological evidence.

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