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SNP information rs16260


Normal allele: CC

Polymorphism rs16260 is related to topics like this:

Hereditary gastric cancer

Gastric cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, with a 5-year...

Research and publications:

  10706097   A single nucleotide polymorphism in the E-cadherin gene promoter alters transcriptional activities.

  14724163   Analysis of candidate modifier loci for the severity of colonic familial adenomatous polyposis, with evidence for the importance of the N-acetyl transferases

  14961571   -160C/A polymorphism in the E-cadherin gene promoter and risk of hereditary, familial and sporadic prostate cancer.

  16189707   Comprehensive genetic evaluation of common E-cadherin sequence variants and prostate cancer risk: strong confirmation of functional promoter SNP.

  19011631   Meta-analysis of genome-wide association data identifies four new susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer.

  19034965   Genetic determination of irritable bowel syndrome

  19551141   Analysis of germline variants in CDH1, IGFBP3, MMP1, MMP3, STK15 and VEGF in familial and sporadic renal cell carcinoma.

  19567509   Genetic variants and prostate cancer risk: candidate replication and exploration of viral restriction genes

  19569232   The CDH1-160C>A polymorphism is a risk factor for colorectal cancer.

  19671196   Absence of germline mono-allelic promoter hypermethylation of the CDH1 gene in gastric cancer patients.

  19834798   E-cadherin polymorphisms and breast cancer susceptibility: a report from the Shanghai Breast Cancer Study.

  19965908   Allele-specific CDH1 downregulation and hereditary diffuse gastric cancer.

  20044998   Genetic risk factors for post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome following a waterborne outbreak of gastroenteritis

  20632448   Association of E-cadherin (CDH1) gene polymorphisms and gastric cancer risk.

  20880515   Association of CDH1 promoter polymorphism and the risk of non-syndromic orofacial clefts in a Chinese Han population.

  21333900   The role of genetics in IBS

  21531788   Fine-mapping of colorectal cancer susceptibility loci at 8q23.3, 16q22.1 and 19q13.11: refinement of association signals and use of in silico analysis to suggest functional variation and unexpected candidate target genes.

  21686129   Discovery of common SNPs in the miR-205/200 family-regulated epithelial to mesenchymal transition pathway and their association with risk for non-small cell lung cancer.

  21752155   Genetic susceptibility to inflammation and colonic transit in lower functional gastrointestinal disorders: preliminary analysis.

  22152681   Dissecting the genetics of complex inheritance: linkage disequilibrium mapping provides insight into Crohn disease.

  22182590   Risk variants in BMP4 promoters for nonsyndromic cleft lip/palate in a Chilean population.

  22330421   E-cadherin polymorphisms and susceptibility to arsenic-related skin lesions in West Bengal, India.

  22535324   CDH1 gene polymorphisms, plasma CDH1 levels and risk of gastric cancer in a Chinese population.

  22742565   Germline prognostic markers for urinary bladder cancer: obstacles and opportunities.

  23072573   Multiplex allele-specific amplification from whole blood for detecting multiple polymorphisms simultaneously.

  23946381   Genetic variants associated with colorectal cancer risk: comprehensive research synopsis, meta-analysis, and epidemiological evidence.

  24491308   Systematic review and meta-analysis of candidate gene association studies of lower urinary tract symptoms in men.

  24838934   Nucleotide variants of the cancer predisposing gene CDH1 and the risk of non-syndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate.

  26666818   Breast cancer risk in relation to TP53 codon 72 and CDH1 gene polymorphisms in the Bangladeshi women.

  26967244   Systematic meta-analyses of gene-specific genetic association studies in prostate cancer.

  27127881   Risk prediction for early-onset gastric carcinoma: a case-control study of polygenic gastric cancer in Han Chinese with hereditary background.

  27192129   CDH1 mutations in gastric cancer patients from northern Brazil identified by Next- Generation Sequencing (NGS).

  27852262   E-cadherin genetic variants predict survival outcome in breast cancer patients.

  28151848   Association of single-nucleotide polymorphisms of CDH1 with nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate in a northern Chinese Han population.

  28352678   Correlation between SNPs in CDH1 and gastric cancer in Chinese population.

  28376813   Clinical relevance of breast and gastric cancer-associated polymorphisms as potential susceptibility markers for oral clefts in the Brazilian population.

  28554075   Association of TP53 codon 72 and CDH1 genetic polymorphisms with colorectal cancer risk in Bangladeshi population.

  28555645   A promoter-proximal transcript targeted by genetic polymorphism controls E-cadherin silencing in human cancers.

  29295527   Characterizing Metastatic HER2-Positive Gastric Cancer at the CDH1 Haplotype.

  30008585   Correlation of E-cadherin gene polymorphisms and epidermal growth factor receptor mutation in lung adenocarcinoma.

  30017735   Single-nucleotide polymorphisms of the adherent junction component cadherin gene are associated with leukoaraiosis.

  30337837   Single nucleotide polymorphisms and sporadic colorectal cancer susceptibility: a field synopsis and meta-analysis.

  30880589   Genetic polymorphisms in CDH1 and Exo1 genes elevate the prostate cancer risk in Bangladeshi population.

  30880750   Association of clinicopathological features with E-cadherin (CDH1) gene-160 C>A promoter polymorphism in Turkish colorectal cancer patients.

  31516756   Genetic polymorphisms and gastric cancer risk: a comprehensive review synopsis from meta-analysis and genome-wide association studies.

  33195260   Non-syndromic Cleft Palate: An Overview on Human Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors.

  33465060   Predicting Pathogenicity of CDH1 Gene Variants in Patients with Early-onset Diffuse Gastric Cancer from Western Mexico.

  34084182   Correlation of -160C > A and -347GA > G polymorphisms in E-cadherin gene and gastric cancer in north of Iran.

  35529508   Methylation and Polymorphism in CDH1 Gene Promoter Among Patients with Diffuse Gastric Cancer.

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