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SNP information rs13702


Normal allele: CC

Reduced risk of stroke following a Mediterranean diet high in unsaturated fat.

Polymorphism rs13702 is related to topics like this:

Mediterranean diet dna

The healthy eating habits of individuals residing in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea,...

Research and publications:

  19041386   Genetic-epidemiological evidence on genes associated with HDL cholesterol levels: a systematic in-depth review.

  19148283   Genetic differences between the determinants of lipid profile phenotypes in African and European Americans: the Jackson Heart Study.

  19299407   Replication of genetic associations with plasma lipoprotein traits in a multiethnic sample

  20150529   Associations of lipoprotein lipase gene polymorphisms with longitudinal plasma lipid trends in young adults: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study.

  20410100   Genetic variation in APOJ, LPL, and TNFRSF10B affects plasma fatty acid distribution in Alaskan Eskimos.

  20416077   Identification of type 2 diabetes-associated combination of SNPs using support vector machine.

  20650961   Application of statistical and functional methodologies for the investigation of genetic determinants of coronary heart disease biomarkers: lipoprotein lipase genotype and plasma triglycerides as an exemplar.

  21386085   A bivariate genome-wide approach to metabolic syndrome: STAMPEED consortium.

  21995669   A genome-wide survey for SNPs altering microRNA seed sites identifies functional candidates in GWAS.

  22629316   Multi-ethnic analysis of lipid-associated loci: the NHLBI CARe project.

  23105935   Interaction Effects of Lipoprotein Lipase Polymorphisms with Lifestyle on Lipid Levels in a Korean Population: A Cross-sectional Study.

  23236364   Gene-centric meta-analysis of lipid traits in African, East Asian and Hispanic populations.

  23246289   Gain-of-function lipoprotein lipase variant rs13702 modulates lipid traits through disruption of a microRNA-410 seed site.

  25156894   Lipoprotein lipase variants interact with polyunsaturated fatty acids for obesity traits in women: replication in two populations.

  25552592   Variants for HDL-C, LDL-C, and triglycerides identified from admixture mapping and fine-mapping analysis in African American families.

  25626708   Resequencing of LPL in African Blacks and associations with lipoprotein-lipid levels.

  26079786   Correction: Lipoprotein Lipase SNPs rs13702 and rs301 Correlate with Clinical Outcome in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients.

  26690388   Exome-wide association analysis reveals novel coding sequence variants associated with lipid traits in Chinese.

  26780889   Meta-analysis of lipid-traits in Hispanics identifies novel loci, population-specific effects, and tissue-specific enrichment of eQTLs.

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  27177774   Interactive effects of C-reactive protein levels on the association between APOE variants and triglyceride levels in a Taiwanese population.

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  27598147   Advances in Integrating Traditional and Omic Biomarkers When Analyzing the Effects of the Mediterranean Diet Intervention in Cardiovascular Prevention.

  29595690   A novel index including SNPs for the screening of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease among elder Chinese: A population-based study.

  29930919   Micro R-410 Binding Site Single Nucleotide Polymorphism rs13702 in Lipoprotein Lipase Gene is Effective to Increase Susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes in Iranian Population.

  30065929   Integrating Genes Affecting Coronary Artery Disease in Functional Networks by Multi-OMICs Approach.

  30944368   Genetic association of LPL rs1121923 and rs258 with plasma TG and VLDL levels.

  31291447   Common Variants in Lipid Metabolism-Related Genes Associate with Fat Mass Changes in Response to Dietary Monounsaturated Fatty Acids in Adults with Abdominal Obesity.

  33105144   Genetic Variants in Lipid Metabolism Pathways Interact with Diet to Influence Blood Lipid Concentrations in Adults with Overweight and Obesity.

  34805411   Polymorphisms in lipid metabolism genes are associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus and periodontitis as comorbidities, as well as with periodontal, glycemic and lipid profiles of subjects.

  35387194   Personalized Dietary Recommendations Based on Lipid-Related Genetic Variants: A Systematic Review.

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